Is It Crucial To Check The Specification Of Transformer?

three-phase-transformerA Transformer is more than just an electronic device as it converts high voltage of alternating current to a lower voltage without changing the frequency through mutual induction. It is one of the most useful static devices that is important in almost every sector. A wide range of Transformers are available in the market, but the choice may sometimes confuse the buyer, especially who are going to buy it for the first time. But do you know why it is important to check the configurations of a transformer before purchasing it? Don’t worry; here are the reasons to clear up your doubts.

  • Usually, Transformer Manufacturers in India designs the device in different specifications, so, it matches every size application.
  • Another reason it is important to check them is that different design has different features to offer, which is important to match, to buy the right product.
  • The functions and voltage capacity of each and every design is different, so you can make the right decision that complements your application demand.
  • Moreover, a slight change in the specification of the transformer also affects its cost, thus, you should pay attention to it.

These are some of the reasons why you should pick the right specification for getting optimum results from the device. So, it is clear that “Yes” it is crucial to check the specifications before purchasing the device for your industry. The transformer is very important, so, don’t be in a hurry while purchasing it, take your time and go for the ideal product. Trutech Products – staggering Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai have the best solution as per your application need that too in your budget. Contact us to get the product detail and to place your order for the same. We are right here to lead you the right direction.

Pros Of A Three Phase Transformer

three-phase-transformerOne of the most popular members of the family of transformers is the Three Phase Transformer. These are used to transmit electricity at high current levels and low voltage, which is a costly process. These may play a big role in the electrical distribution system. These consist of three conductors, so, they contain three sets of primary and secondary windings that shared a single core. Most of Three Phase Transformer Manufacturers design them in a number of specifications that give you the opportunity to pick the right model as per your preferred choice, especially in the industries like power generation or power distribution.

Pros Of Three Phase Transformer You Should Know Before Buying:

  • They use less conductor material for power transmission in comparison with the single phase transformer that too at the same voltage level.
  • These are light in weight and compact in size, so, these are very easy to install
  • These may use three conductors to carry current, which results in balanced load
  • These transformers provide a lot more power to the device than the single phase transformer
  • These are very quick to assemble and require minimal maintenance
  • These are perfect to work in the challenging situations because of their damage resistance nature

All these are some of the advantages of three phase transformer, which make it ideal to use in power generation applications. Call, Trutech Products – one of the top-tier Transformer Manufacturers in India to buy any type of transformer in any part of the world. Since 1997, we serve our products worldwide at an exceptional cost. Why don’t you give us a call to find out more details? We are right here to provide you all.

Basic Operations Of A Rectifier Transformer

rectifireA Rectifier Transformer is the one that is specially designed to convert alternating current to direct currents, which flows in one single direction. The process of transferring recognized as rectification. These are very much helpful to 6 or 12 pulse operation. These are typically connected with a diode or thyristor rectifier. Its application varies from very large aluminum electrolysis to several small operations. Rectifier Transformer Manufacturers built them with a combined or a separate voltage regulator unit.

These are built for all class voltage and current levels. Each and every transformer is designed with an inherent phase shift. These are used for industrial processes, which require a noteworthy direct current supply. This type of transformer is one, whose winding connected to one of these circuits. Sometimes, these rectifier transformers are also called as rectiformers. These are highly durable and reliable in nature and known for its long working life. These may provide high-current DC for electrochemical processes like chlorine and copper production and many other applications. Besides, you may find them in speed drive motor controls, mining applications, static precipitators and many others.

step-down-transformersIn short, if you want high-voltage power for your application, so, this rectifier transformer is ideal for you. It never disappoints your need and also fits into your stipulated budget. You can buy them from Trutech Products, which have a great reputation as one of the largest Transformer Manufacturers in India and all over the world. We have a variety of options to offer including Control, Three Phase, Step Down, Auto, and Special Purpose Transformer etc., so, you can buy them in any of the specification you want at a market beating price. What are you waiting for? Pick your phone and call now. Since 1997, we are at your service and do our best to meet your requirements within a mean time.

An Overview Of Transformer Manufacturing Process

ac-chokeTransformer – A static device used to transfer electric power from one circuit to another without affecting the voltage frequency level through electromagnetic induction. Its overall manufacturing process is quite complex because it involves a number of stages and components. Transformer Manufacturers in India is always offers different of its types, so, customers can pick as per their suited need. The variation between different of its type is based upon the power capacity. Its manufacturing process includes a number of steps and stages. They are:

  • Core Construction
  • Insulation
  • Windings
  • Core and coil
  • Processing
  • Tanks
  • Testing

After completing the all above steps the transformer is all set for final assembling and then Transformers sent for the quality testing unit. Here in this process, the product passes through a number of tests before offering it in the market. This device has a number of benefits like these are very easy to install, handle and operate. Moreover, all its parts are very easy to assemble. The time of manufacturing depends upon the size, design, shape and type of the transformer.


However, before you go out in the market to buy first consider the need of power in your industrial application. From the above, it is clear that only a prominent Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai can able to fulfill the demand of the customer because they never miss any step in its manufacturing and even ensure the high-quality of the product. Trutech Products have a trusted name in the same industry since 1997. We are highly experienced and involved in manufacturing and supplying a broad range of transformers nationally as well as internationally.

Reasons To Choose Three-Phase Transformer Over Single-Phase

Do you know that why three-phase Transformer is more effective than the single phase transformer? Why it is the need of every industry? We at Trutech Products, a leading transformer manufacturers in Mumbai is right here to help you. This is because three-phase have at least three conductors which carrying alternate current and transfer it into various loads in an efficient and effective manner. On the other hand, a single phase Transformer of two coils which take some time to transfer the power to your device. If you are wondering which one is the right product for you, then don’t be because following are some points which help you to compare between the both.

Threee Phase transformer in Mumbai PuneEasy To Install: One of the major reason to choose three-phase transformers that it take less time to assemble than the single phase transformer. In simple, it is very easy to install, maintain and handle as well.

Suitable For Industry: Generally, Three-Phase Transformers have more capability to handle heavy load which is the first necessity of every industry. So no product is better than that when it comes to transferring heavy load voltage in all over the industry.

Less Costly: Another major reason to choose a three-phase transformer over single phase is that it is less costly than that. It even consumes less power and doesn’t require time to time maintenance, which saves loads of cost.

Deliver More Power: Due to the latest technology and robust structure three- phase transformer usually delivers more power than the single phase transformer.

You Can Use Three-Phase In Place Of Single-Phase: Last but not the least reason to install this product is that you can use a three-phase transformer in place of single phase transformer but you cannot vice-versa this situation.

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