How To Protect Transformer Against Lightening?

Transformers are the Big Wheel of the tech industry, as many of other devices revolve around it and depend on this machine for unhindered performance. If you are wondering what the main function of this electronic device is, it is as follows:

The transformer is used to transmit current from one circuit to another without bringing any change in the frequency. Trutech Products is one of the diligent Transformer Manufacturers In Mumbai that scores the highest praises coming from the buyers. We have a wide array to offer to our prestigious clients such as Isolation, Control, Auto and other kinds of transformers.

However, the transformer has a list of some enemies too which can destroy the product or obstruct its functioning. One of the major foes of the device is lightening. It is crucial to protect the machinery against lightening unless you want to jeopardize the machine.

There are three common devices that are used to pre-empt the transformer from the harmful effects of lighting and, they are mentioned below:rectifire

  • Earthing screen
  • Overhead ground wires
  • Lightning arrestor

Though, if it is too late for you to read this information and your device has been destructed or it is too early for you to know about such happenings as you are about to buy a transformer, you are still at the right place. Being one of the avant-garde Transformer Manufacturers in Pune, we sell the best quality under considerable rates. Visit our website to explore the different options.


The Common Materials Used For Transformer Insulation

Isolation TranformerA transformer is a device that can be trusted for supplying current from one device to another and has many qualities, one such is insulation. Proper insulation makes a transformer work smoothly.  Once you get in touch with one of the top class Transformer Manufacturers like Trutech Products, you can rest assured that the quality of the transformer is up-to-the-mark.

Have A Look At The Insulating Materials Present In A Transformer:

  • Insulating Oil – It is one of the most reliable components that work for dual purposes: electrical insulator and coolant to eliminate the heat losses. This oil is used in the transformers which have 11 kV or higher voltage. Insulation oil should never be mistaken as same as edible vegetable oil as the composition of both are very different.
  • Insulating Paper – This paper is made using vegetable fibres that are felted together to form a sheet and these fibres can be obtained from plants like cotton, straw, hemp, etc. It has the property of attaining extremely high electrical strength when put into the insulting oil under vacuum.

There are multiple other materials that are used for the insulation purpose in transformers like Insulating Tape, Pressboard, etc. The transformer is a device that serves a very long period of time if it is maintained properly. Talk to one of the eminent Transformer Manufacturers In Pune if you want to gift your industry a device that boosts the production and secures the electrical items. Trutech Products is always ready to cater to your requirements with their innovative solutions.

What Is A Three-Phase Transformer?


Transformers are generally used to manage the voltage level. These devices protect the electronic appliances from the high voltage level. Every electronic appliance has some limited level above which, it breakdown. Hence, transformers are used to step up and step down the voltage as per the requirement. Our company Trutech Products is one of the largest manufacturers of this product. We provide different transformers known for their different function.

Three Phase Transformer

Three-phase Transformer is generally used to step up and step down the voltage. They can perform both the function. Unlike single phase transformer which can either step up or step down the voltage depending upon a number of turn ratio. We are well reckoned as Three-phase Transformer Manufacturers and, here to provide a high-quality range to you. The customer shows good interest in buying the Three-phase Transformer because of its small size, reasonable price, easy installation, low maintenance, and multitude functionality.

Control Transformer

Over the stretch of time, we as the reputed Control Transformer Manufacturers believes in a quality controlled workflow. Our seamless and pro-active services have earned huge appreciation from the client. Client satisfaction acts a fuel for us that propels us further maintain a fast turnaround with a next day delivery option. Our services are available in both verticals that are residential, as well as, commercial sector. So, what you are waiting for? Contact us, to get rid of annoying voltage fluctuation.

Basic Information About Three Phase Transformer

A Three Phase Transformer is highly recommended from the industries, where a constant supply of power is required. These are successfully transferring the electricity at a more efficient rate because of its unique design, which allows power transmitted at a constant and linear rate. This is the major reason that Three Phase Transformer Manufacturers quickly develop it in a smaller size by utilizing less raw components than the Single Phase Transformer. Therefore, these are compact in size and can require less time and money for its installation. These are highly appreciated in several places such as building trades, workshops, manufacturing units and many other industries.

These are highly used in the on-site operation and known for its reliability and longevity, durability, longevity, and Three Phase Transformer Manufacturersdurable construction. These are specially used in the power distribution system throughout the industry to change values of voltage and current. These are composed with three single phase transformer, which is wounded around a single core and then it is going to fill with insulating oil, which provides insulation between windings and the enclosure. It easily transmits power over the long distance.

Due to its sturdy construction, it can easily handle the pressure of different environments. So, if you want to make a purchase you can contact Trutech Products one of the foremost Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai. We have a different range to offer in the national as well as the international market at a wallet-friendly price. As we have our in-house manufacturing facility, so, we can deliver it in distinct specification demanded by our clients as per their industry requirement.

Selection Procedure Of A Control Transformer

Control TransformersA Control Transformer is specially designed to change the high-level voltage to a lower level that is used to control the electronic device of your industry. Its copper magnetic wire provides protection from the moisture and known for its high durability and efficient operations. Control Transformer Manufacturers offer a variety of design and voltage ratings and many other specifications for this product, so, one can easily get the best product, which suits their needs. Due to its large variety, it is hard to select the one, which suits your industrial needs. Here are some points that help you to select the best transformer to match your industrial applications.

  • First of all, you have to calculate the voltage leads of your control circuit, so, that you can make a wise decision while purchasing a control transformer.
  • After calculating the voltage leads you have to calculate the Peak Inrush VA of your control circuit, it is very important to know before making a decision.
  • After completing above two steps it’s time to determine the correct transformer nameplate v/s rating, which helps you to pick the one which has the capability to meet your industrial needs.

Above three points will help you to easily select the right Control Transformer for your industry. So, why are you still confused and what for? For all transformer needs you can contact Trutech Products one of the reliable Transformer Manufacturers In Mumbai. The company engaged in offering a variety of transformer including Control, Step- down, Three-phase, Rectifier, Auto and Special Purpose etc at a rock bottom price

Advantages Of Three-Phase Transformer

Are you planning to install a Transformer in your industry? Confused in between single-phase or three- phase? If yes, then you are at a right place. Here we are going to discuss the advantages of a three-phase transformer, which helps you to make a quick decision. To get the quality approved and laboratory tested product, buy it from reliable Three-Phase Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai.

  • Three Phase Transformer Generally, three-phase transformer requires a lesser amount of copper for distributing the same amount of power than the single-phase transformer
  • These types of transformers made by using cutting-edge technology, so, they can start automatically and produce a rotating magnetic field.
  • The size of its motor is usually small and they have better power factor regulation, which helps to easily install in less space at your workplace.
  • In three-phase transformers, vibrations are greatly reduced because the power transferred in a uniform manner.
  • Transportation is very easy and cheaper in three-phase transformer.
  • This type of transformer suitable for converting current voltage to the required level of voltage.
  • These are widely used in almost all fields of electrical power system such as power generation, transmission, distribution sectors and so on.
  • All the industrial sectors connected with three-phase system because it has the capability to handle heavy loads.
  • Three-phase transformers are more economical for transferring heavy loads

What’s more, are you waiting for? From the above points, now you know that this type of transformer is very beneficial and suitable for your industry. So, why think more? Go and buy it now from reputed Transformer Manufacturers In India at a wallet-friendly price

Reasons To Choose Three-Phase Transformer Over Single-Phase

Do you know that why three-phase Transformer is more effective than the single phase transformer? Why it is the need of every industry? We at Trutech Products, a leading transformer manufacturers in Mumbai is right here to help you. This is because three-phase have at least three conductors which carrying alternate current and transfer it into various loads in an efficient and effective manner. On the other hand, a single phase Transformer of two coils which take some time to transfer the power to your device. If you are wondering which one is the right product for you, then don’t be because following are some points which help you to compare between the both.

Threee Phase transformer in Mumbai PuneEasy To Install: One of the major reason to choose three-phase transformers that it take less time to assemble than the single phase transformer. In simple, it is very easy to install, maintain and handle as well.

Suitable For Industry: Generally, Three-Phase Transformers have more capability to handle heavy load which is the first necessity of every industry. So no product is better than that when it comes to transferring heavy load voltage in all over the industry.

Less Costly: Another major reason to choose a three-phase transformer over single phase is that it is less costly than that. It even consumes less power and doesn’t require time to time maintenance, which saves loads of cost.

Deliver More Power: Due to the latest technology and robust structure three- phase transformer usually delivers more power than the single phase transformer.

You Can Use Three-Phase In Place Of Single-Phase: Last but not the least reason to install this product is that you can use a three-phase transformer in place of single phase transformer but you cannot vice-versa this situation.

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