Auto Transformers And Their Working

isolation-tranformerA transformer with the single type windings is the demand of new generation that serves different purposes in the diverse applications. An auto transformer fits into the frame for accomplishing the demands and serve the purpose accordingly. Since 1997, Trutech Products is manufacturing the wide range of transformers being into the array as the topmost Isolation Transformer Manufacturers in India and across the global market areas. We are working widely over the global market areas with an extensively large distribution channel to reach our clients quickly. Through consistent results and delivering the demanded level of quality, we have manufactured application based solutions overseas.

Auto transformers are based on the principle of same primary and secondary windings wound on the single copper wire. In other words, it shares electrically connected common winding that acts as both primary and secondary sides of the device. The copper wire is wrapped around a silicon steel core. It is used in different applications to diversify the level of fixed voltage output. Stepping up and down a constant supply of voltage become easy with the device and energy gets transferred through the process of conduction where only a small part is transferred inductively.

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