Bells And Whistles Of An Auto Transformer

Transformers are essential that are required in multiple industries so that the production does not get paused due to the defaults and electricity failures. If you want to invest in the devices that have all the bells and whistles to meet your industry requirements, then you must consider making your purchase from one of the venerated Transformer Manufacturers In IndiaTrutech Products. The stalwart employees that we have with us make use of the leading edge technology and make the best and imperative systems.


Auto Transformers are one of the diverse kinds of transformers that have some amazing features attached to it. Its features can be listed as follows:

  • This device requires only one winding, unlike the rest of transformers which comes with two winding, namely – Primary and Secondary.
  • This device is more efficient in terms of performance and requires very low excitation current as compared to the conventional transformers.
  • It makes the varying of voltage easier and smoother.
  • The same VA rating that an Auto Transformer requires less amount of copper, iron and low current.
  • Due to its inevitable merits and consequential features, it is used in applications like speakers, boosters and amplifiers. It is also used with induction motors and in AC feeders.

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A Quick Description On Construction Of Isolation Transformer

The Isolation transformer is a static device, which is like all other transformers. This device blocks the DC component in the electrical signal and only allows the AC signal to flow from one circuit to other. Our company Trutech Products is one of the determined Transformer Manufacturers In India, who has become the epitome of the niche in a very short span of time.

Isolation Tranformer

The construction of the isolation transformer is similar to that of other transformers. The primary and secondary windings are wounded across the laminated core. The only difference is the isolation device that resists the direct flow of current; this isolation is governed by the capacitor, electromagnet or optical device that is installed within the body of the device. The importance of isolation devices in the transformer body is that they protect the electrical appliance and people from the shock, to avoid the short circuit.
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Transformers – A Must For Electrical Power System


If you are searching for a right solution that ensures the proper transmitting of power from one source to another without making any interruption in the main frequency level, so, transformers are the static device you need to invest in. The device comprises a number of parts, each of them working to ensure the safe and effective transmission of energy. Several types of transformers are available, to perfectly meet the need of your application. Contact Transformer Manufacturers, to invest in the right option that delivers you the expected results.


The device is very much important for electrical power systems to ensure proper power transmitting. Therefore, you have to be very careful while investing in it, as your one wrong choice makes it a tough deal for you to fulfill the objective of power transmission. The device majorly works on the principle of Faraday’s electromagnetic induction law and the mutual induction phenomenon between two or more winding plays an important role in completing the function of power transmitting.


From the above discussion, it is clear that having a transformer is more than just compulsory, as in the absence of this; your electrical appliances won’t be able to get the proper power supply. Trutech Products, being the top-tier Transformer Manufacturers In India has the right product for you in diverse specifications to meet the customer requirements. Discover our complete range and send us your selection, with all your particular requirements to get the best value for your investment. For more, chat with our experts live from our website.

Learn More About Possible Three-Phase Transformer Combinations

Three-phase transformers are a type of transformer that used for the purpose of changing the voltage and current made up of three sets of primary as well as secondary windings. This type of device as the name depicts has three sets of windings, have the ability to change the voltage level and serve for a longer period. Its features and functions stand the device apart from other options available to serve the same purpose. If you don’t want to have your hold on poor quality or wrong device, go to a reputed Three-Phase Transformer Manufacturers around you. Here is something that you need to learn about its different possible connections.

  • three-phase-transformerDelta-To-Delta: It is mainly used in industrial applications and makes strong connections to prevent any situation of loss.
  • Delta-To-Wye: It ensures uninterrupted supply of power and mainly used in the commercial as well as industrial sectors.
  • Wye-To-Delta: If you use a high-voltage transmission in any of your applications, so, this combination of connection is ideal for your device.
  • Wye-To-Wye: This type of combination is used very rarely because it causes the balancing problems, which can be dangerous for the device itself.

When you install the device on your workstation, you need to be very careful about the choice of combination you made. As the working and safety of the man, material, and money, totally depends on it. Also, to prevent any loss, it is advisable to invest in the right device that works well in all the conditions. Be in touch with, Trutech Products – a leading Transformer Manufacturers In India that brings you the latest technology and best of the best devices at the competitive market price. Explain your requirements to our executives and let us fulfill it for you.

Reasons To Choose A Three Phase Transformer Over A Bank Of Three Single Phase Transformers

three-phase-transformer.jpgThe transformers are the need for all the electrical equipment. There are many types of transformers to fulfill the various need of the equipment. People often get confused with the choice of using a three phase transformer or a bank of 3 single-phase transformers. Buy the transformers from the leading Three Phase Transformer Manufacturers in the market for best results.

We need three phase transformer to step up or step down the power load. There are two above mentioned choices for the purpose. However, using one ‘three phase transformer’ over a bank of 3 single-phase transformers is fair. Here is the explanation:-

  • The bank of three transformers occupies more space and also bulkier than a three-phase transformer.
  • The bank will burn a hole in your pocket while a three-phase transformer is an economical option.
  • The installation and connection process of the former is much convenient than the latter one.
  • The bank of three transformers will consume much electricity than the latter one while the three-phased is an electricity saver.
  • The former one can work on single winding while one defected transformer will ruin the whole setup of another two.

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