Buy Transformer In India After Considering The Following Points

Are you planning to invest in a Transformer? If so, going through the following points can help. A transformer is a static device that needs to be selected wisely. Being of the best Transformer Manufacturers in Pune, Trutech Products has jotted down the key points that help you make the right choice. So, without any further delays, check them now.

Transformer Manufacturers In Mumbai
Transformer Manufacturers In Mumbai

Non-Corrosive Material: Whenever it comes to buy a transformer, always check whether the body of it is corrosive or non-corrosive. If you choose high robust and corrosive body transformer, it can offer better protection and work well for years.

Meter Performance: Consider meter performance, voltage requirements and other future needs, before you invest in a transformer. It may help you get most of it in the long run.

Safety: Consider all the safety factors of a transformer to be sure that it last for years and give you value for money. It is another significant factor that you cannot miss on.

These tips will help you choose the correct transformer for different purposes. Apart from the above points, you can speak with the manufacturers, as they have excellent knowledge that helps you while making the decision. As one of the trusted Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai, we can cater to your distinct needs. Browse through our product category and choose wisely. For more assistance, dial our number or drop us your enquiry now.

Everything You Need To Know About Transformer

A transformer is more than just an electric device. There is so much more to know about it. Whenever you think that you know everything about a transformer, some facts arise that will amaze you for sure. Trutech Products is one of the leading Transformer Manufacturers in Pune. We have described a few important points related to the device that will help you understand it better. So, let’s get started.

What Exactly A Transformer Is?

If we explain it in simple words, it’s a static device used for transmitting electric power through mutual induction from one source to another. It minimizes power loss, offer maximum product safety and ensure better workflow. It doesn’t generate power but transmits it from the main plant to high-rise buildings.

How Do They Exactly Work?

It transmits electricity with the help of mutual induction while providing a control path from the AC circuit to another using magnetic flux. The basic components that make transformers working efficient include Cores, Windings, Input / Output Connections etc.

What Is The Role Of Regulation In A Transformer?

Transformer regulation is all about the difference between no-load, voltage and full load voltage that gets expressed in terms of percentage. The lower the voltage load percent, the better it will work.The device is well appreciated for its performance, and hence, accessible in different classifications. Clarify your doubts related to the Transformer and buy with us today. Being one of the best Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai, we are the right destination to stop by. Our products are excellent in terms of performance, quality, functions and price. Send us your direct enquiry to know more.

Transformer Failure – The Major Mechanical Reasons

A transformer is not your run-of-the-mill device that can be replaced at will. It is expensive and requires considerable attention in terms of maintenance efforts to ensure its smooth functioning. Premature failure of a transformer can be painful and a blow to your budget. It is important to check it in regular periods by performing inspections time and again. As one of the leading Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai, we have encountered several clients who come to us after their device is damaged due to some reason. We have made a list of the most common reasons that cause this failure and tips on how to prevent it. Let’s dive in:

  • Built – We are focussing on mostly mechanical failures here. The first on our list is the built quality of the transformer. There are two factors here: experience of the craftsman and costing of material used. There is a difference between cost-effective and cheap.

The components used shouldn’t be cheap and if it is, an experienced craftsman will identify it immediately. So, it is important that you choose a trusted transformer manufacturing company with several years of experience.

  • Material – Everything from the core, windings to the external casing should be of high-quality material. It matters at every second of its operations. Grade quality material not only increases the durability but also the efficiency of the device.
  • Design – The design is also crucial. The way coils are wound around the transformer’s core, and how all the components are placed inside the structure affects the performance of the unit.

As we have discussed the mechanical failures, all you can do to stop them is choose a trusted brand. Trutech Products, being one of the most reliable Transformer Manufacturers in Pune, has delivered its transformers to the leading companies of India. Give us a call right now to know more about our products.

Effective Ways To Curb Transformer’s Noise

A transformer is a very useful and integral part of industrial as well as commercial sectors. Many industries use it for a better and efficient supply of electricity. Sometimes transformers make noise and you should not ignore it. It can be detrimental for the transformer and the devices that are getting electricity from it. Transformer Manufacturers in Pune point to basically two reasons behind this noise. These causes are magnetostriction and mechanical abrasion. It helps in solving the problem effectively and efficiently if you know the reason behind the problem. Both of these problems cause vibration in the machine which makes noise that can be intolerable sometimes. You can fix these issues with the following techniques:

  • You can try to reduce the flux density of the transformer to eliminate this noise. It can be expensive since this method involves increasing the amount of stainless steel in the core. Although an effective method, it may require some money.
  • You don’t have to bother if your budget doesn’t allow the investment that may be needed in the previous technique. You can put adhesive between the lamination layers and it won’t cost you much. It will minimize the vibration and consequently reduce the noise. Make sure that sheets are clean and don’t have any oil scum.

Trutech Products is one of the most eminent Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai. We have a strong infrastructure capability and the latest machinery to meet the global standards. Our products go through various quality checks before getting dispatched to our valuable clients. Place an order right now and get high-quality products.

Tips To Find The Perfect Transformer Manufacturer

The transformers are the best product when it comes to distribute and transform the constant power supply. The transformers are classified into various categories as per the application of the industrial needs. The working principle of the device is quite easy to understand, when a fluctuating electrical current flows through the wire it creates magnetic field around it. Trutech Products is one of the best Transformer Manufacturers In Mumbai, India which has a huge range of the products. The product range includes Isolation Transformer, Control Transformer, Step Down Transformer, Three-Phase Transformer, Auto Transformer, Special Purpose Transformer, etc. You can choose the product you want for your industrial application.

Benefits Of Buying The Product From The High Grade Transformer Manufacturers:-

  • Quality – The products manufactured at the unit are quality certified and you can rely on the products because all products are passed from the several quality checks to assure the best quality of the products.
  • Price – The product is in a great demand and you can enjoy the huge range of the products at an affordable price.
  • Experience – A globally recognized manufacturer is never a new comer in the field. They are known for manufacturing the huge range of the products in the global market area. You can buy the products with a trust of seal.

Trutech Products is one of the leading Transformer Manufacturers in India to provide the great product quality within the specified time. You can have the huge range of products at an affordable price from the world leading manufacturers. They assure you the best quality to rely on and dependability to count on.

How To Protect From Faults In A Transformer

No doubt, a large amount of electricity used in industries for completing a number of applications smoothly. The safe use of electricity introduces the demand of Transformer because they help to transfer electrical power from one circuit to another and tackle load shedding problems without changing its frequency. It is really important to buy this device from one of the reliable Transformer Manufacturers In India or else it will not be of any use, just a sheer wastage of money. Various types of transformers including Control, Three Phase, Isolation, Step Down, Rectifier, Auto and Special Purpose etc. available in the market. Most probably they create the problem of overloading and tap changing, which affect its performance. Here are some common precautions you can take to avoid the faults occur in this static device. So, take a look below and protect your device from any fault.

Load: One of the common problems that create a number of faults in this static device is its loading capacity. Most of the time these transformers get overloaded and which in result the problem of short-circuit or fire shock may occur that can even take the shape of any big accident. To avoid this problem you should always install a transformer after analyzing the need of power in your industry. Make sure the device you buy has the capability to handle the pressure of heavy load and never create any shredding or fluctuation problem while operating.

Internal Fault: The accumulation of gasses in the device is the major reason behind the internal faults, which are of two types;

  • Internal Phase To Earth Short Circuit
  • Internal Phase To Phase Short Circuit

To avoid any fault make sure you always use the right type of transformer as per the need of your industry and inspect it on a continuous basis to avoid the problem of an oil leak.

Voltage Surge: Two common types of surges occur in a transformer one is atmospheric and other is operating voltage surge. This may affect the performance of your device and create trouble in your production process. This problem can be controlled by the use of a varistor, which has no deleterious effects on switch gears in anyways.

All in all, your little bit attention at the time of its purchasing or installing can prevent you from a big loss. However, all the above precautions can also help you to avoid faults in a transformer. To ensure the safety of the device make sure you always buy it from a reputable Transformer Manufacturers. If you are looking for one of the trusted Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai, Contact Trutech Products is a reliable platform that offers all kinds of electrical transformer. If you choose the right type of transformer, properly install it at your worksite and follow all the above precautions, so, it may definitely help to remove all the barriers from your production.

Protect yourself While Working With A Transformer

Paying attention to the safety is paramount, especially when you work with a device like a transformer because it contains a high-voltage power, which if you cannot take care properly so turn into the catastrophe. Also, if you fail to meet the safety requirements, so, chances of your device will get a breakdown, which leads to loss of production, property, plant, price, and personnel. In an order to prevent any damage or injury, it is important to install the transformer correctly and be attentive all the time while working with it. Trutech Products is renowned as one of the leading Transformer Manufacturers in Pune, India offer wide range of transformers at best price.

Understanding the fact that your safety is in your own hands makes a huge difference and help you not only to prevent any damage, but, also improve your device life. If you don’t know what to do to ensure the safe and smooth operation of this static device, so, here we mention some of the safety practices you need to follow. Following them correctly will surely minimize your risk of any loss or damage to the device. So, let’s take a look.

  • Monitor The Device Timely: Monitoring the working of the transformer is the easiest way you can prevent it from taking the deadly turn. Simple monitoring such as checking the burning smell, inspecting the tightening of all the bolts and nuts or parts, any cracked or unsuitable power cords or plugs, etc. may help you ensure the safety of the device that matters the most.
  • Don’t Overload The Device: Every transformer has its nameplate that displays how much voltage it can bear and if you exceed its limits, so, the chances that it gets damaged. Therefore, to ensure the safety make sure you don’t overload it. Use it only at its optimized level to take the real benefits of the device for a longer period and in case your need for power is increased, so, you should change the device with higher voltage capacity one.
  • Install It In The Right Environment: Last but the most significant thing that helps you keeps your transformer secure and long-lasting is its installation in the right environment. Installing it in damp areas or places where water is present may damage the device and can take the shape of short-circuit.

Follow all these simple tips and enjoy the safe and smooth working of the transformer for the long-lasting period. If you are likely to purchase a transformer anytime soon, then consider making your purchase from one of the highly regarded Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai.

Bells And Whistles Of An Auto Transformer

Transformers are essential that are required in multiple industries so that the production does not get paused due to the defaults and electricity failures. If you want to invest in the devices that have all the bells and whistles to meet your industry requirements, then you must consider making your purchase from one of the venerated Transformer Manufacturers In IndiaTrutech Products. The stalwart employees that we have with us make use of the leading edge technology and make the best and imperative systems.


Auto Transformers are one of the diverse kinds of transformers that have some amazing features attached to it. Its features can be listed as follows:

  • This device requires only one winding, unlike the rest of transformers which comes with two winding, namely – Primary and Secondary.
  • This device is more efficient in terms of performance and requires very low excitation current as compared to the conventional transformers.
  • It makes the varying of voltage easier and smoother.
  • The same VA rating that an Auto Transformer requires less amount of copper, iron and low current.
  • Due to its inevitable merits and consequential features, it is used in applications like speakers, boosters and amplifiers. It is also used with induction motors and in AC feeders.

Get in touch with one of the formidable Transformer Manufacturers like Trutech Products if you wish to receive genuine and highly efficient devices at a bargains rate. Call us to know the specifications and details, etc.

A Quick Description On Construction Of Isolation Transformer

The Isolation transformer is a static device, which is like all other transformers. This device blocks the DC component in the electrical signal and only allows the AC signal to flow from one circuit to other. Our company Trutech Products is one of the determined Transformer Manufacturers In India, who has become the epitome of the niche in a very short span of time.

Isolation Tranformer

The construction of the isolation transformer is similar to that of other transformers. The primary and secondary windings are wounded across the laminated core. The only difference is the isolation device that resists the direct flow of current; this isolation is governed by the capacitor, electromagnet or optical device that is installed within the body of the device. The importance of isolation devices in the transformer body is that they protect the electrical appliance and people from the shock, to avoid the short circuit.
Its sturdy construction and trouble-free operation have made it the buyer’s first choice. Are you planning to buy Isolation Transformer? Isolation Transformer Manufacturers in India is the right choice. Our products are tested on various parameters, before their shipment in the market. So, call us now or drop us your email, we are here to assist you with the best device at cost-effective rates.

Transformers – A Must For Electrical Power System


If you are searching for a right solution that ensures the proper transmitting of power from one source to another without making any interruption in the main frequency level, so, transformers are the static device you need to invest in. The device comprises a number of parts, each of them working to ensure the safe and effective transmission of energy. Several types of transformers are available, to perfectly meet the need of your application. Contact Transformer Manufacturers, to invest in the right option that delivers you the expected results.


The device is very much important for electrical power systems to ensure proper power transmitting. Therefore, you have to be very careful while investing in it, as your one wrong choice makes it a tough deal for you to fulfill the objective of power transmission. The device majorly works on the principle of Faraday’s electromagnetic induction law and the mutual induction phenomenon between two or more winding plays an important role in completing the function of power transmitting.


From the above discussion, it is clear that having a transformer is more than just compulsory, as in the absence of this; your electrical appliances won’t be able to get the proper power supply. Trutech Products, being the top-tier Transformer Manufacturers In India has the right product for you in diverse specifications to meet the customer requirements. Discover our complete range and send us your selection, with all your particular requirements to get the best value for your investment. For more, chat with our experts live from our website.