Transformer Failure – The Major Mechanical Reasons

A transformer is not your run-of-the-mill device that can be replaced at will. It is expensive and requires considerable attention in terms of maintenance efforts to ensure its smooth functioning. Premature failure of a transformer can be painful and a blow to your budget. It is important to check it in regular periods by performing inspections time and again. As one of the leading Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai, we have encountered several clients who come to us after their device is damaged due to some reason. We have made a list of the most common reasons that cause this failure and tips on how to prevent it. Let’s dive in:

  • Built – We are focussing on mostly mechanical failures here. The first on our list is the built quality of the transformer. There are two factors here: experience of the craftsman and costing of material used. There is a difference between cost-effective and cheap.

The components used shouldn’t be cheap and if it is, an experienced craftsman will identify it immediately. So, it is important that you choose a trusted transformer manufacturing company with several years of experience.

  • Material – Everything from the core, windings to the external casing should be of high-quality material. It matters at every second of its operations. Grade quality material not only increases the durability but also the efficiency of the device.
  • Design – The design is also crucial. The way coils are wound around the transformer’s core, and how all the components are placed inside the structure affects the performance of the unit.

As we have discussed the mechanical failures, all you can do to stop them is choose a trusted brand. Trutech Products, being one of the most reliable Transformer Manufacturers in Pune, has delivered its transformers to the leading companies of India. Give us a call right now to know more about our products.


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