Effective Ways To Curb Transformer’s Noise

A transformer is a very useful and integral part of industrial as well as commercial sectors. Many industries use it for a better and efficient supply of electricity. Sometimes transformers make noise and you should not ignore it. It can be detrimental for the transformer and the devices that are getting electricity from it. Transformer Manufacturers in Pune point to basically two reasons behind this noise. These causes are magnetostriction and mechanical abrasion. It helps in solving the problem effectively and efficiently if you know the reason behind the problem. Both of these problems cause vibration in the machine which makes noise that can be intolerable sometimes. You can fix these issues with the following techniques:

  • You can try to reduce the flux density of the transformer to eliminate this noise. It can be expensive since this method involves increasing the amount of stainless steel in the core. Although an effective method, it may require some money.
  • You don’t have to bother if your budget doesn’t allow the investment that may be needed in the previous technique. You can put adhesive between the lamination layers and it won’t cost you much. It will minimize the vibration and consequently reduce the noise. Make sure that sheets are clean and don’t have any oil scum.

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