Bells And Whistles Of An Auto Transformer

Transformers are essential that are required in multiple industries so that the production does not get paused due to the defaults and electricity failures. If you want to invest in the devices that have all the bells and whistles to meet your industry requirements, then you must consider making your purchase from one of the venerated Transformer Manufacturers In IndiaTrutech Products. The stalwart employees that we have with us make use of the leading edge technology and make the best and imperative systems.


Auto Transformers are one of the diverse kinds of transformers that have some amazing features attached to it. Its features can be listed as follows:

  • This device requires only one winding, unlike the rest of transformers which comes with two winding, namely – Primary and Secondary.
  • This device is more efficient in terms of performance and requires very low excitation current as compared to the conventional transformers.
  • It makes the varying of voltage easier and smoother.
  • The same VA rating that an Auto Transformer requires less amount of copper, iron and low current.
  • Due to its inevitable merits and consequential features, it is used in applications like speakers, boosters and amplifiers. It is also used with induction motors and in AC feeders.

Get in touch with one of the formidable Transformer Manufacturers like Trutech Products if you wish to receive genuine and highly efficient devices at a bargains rate. Call us to know the specifications and details, etc.

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