An Overview Of Transformer Manufacturing Process

ac-chokeTransformer – A static device used to transfer electric power from one circuit to another without affecting the voltage frequency level through electromagnetic induction. Its overall manufacturing process is quite complex because it involves a number of stages and components. Transformer Manufacturers in India is always offers different of its types, so, customers can pick as per their suited need. The variation between different of its type is based upon the power capacity. Its manufacturing process includes a number of steps and stages. They are:

  • Core Construction
  • Insulation
  • Windings
  • Core and coil
  • Processing
  • Tanks
  • Testing

After completing the all above steps the transformer is all set for final assembling and then Transformers sent for the quality testing unit. Here in this process, the product passes through a number of tests before offering it in the market. This device has a number of benefits like these are very easy to install, handle and operate. Moreover, all its parts are very easy to assemble. The time of manufacturing depends upon the size, design, shape and type of the transformer.


However, before you go out in the market to buy first consider the need of power in your industrial application. From the above, it is clear that only a prominent Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai can able to fulfill the demand of the customer because they never miss any step in its manufacturing and even ensure the high-quality of the product. Trutech Products have a trusted name in the same industry since 1997. We are highly experienced and involved in manufacturing and supplying a broad range of transformers nationally as well as internationally.

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