Reasons To Choose A Three Phase Transformer Over A Bank Of Three Single Phase Transformers

three-phase-transformer.jpgThe transformers are the need for all the electrical equipment. There are many types of transformers to fulfill the various need of the equipment. People often get confused with the choice of using a three phase transformer or a bank of 3 single-phase transformers. Buy the transformers from the leading Three Phase Transformer Manufacturers in the market for best results.

We need three phase transformer to step up or step down the power load. There are two above mentioned choices for the purpose. However, using one ‘three phase transformer’ over a bank of 3 single-phase transformers is fair. Here is the explanation:-

  • The bank of three transformers occupies more space and also bulkier than a three-phase transformer.
  • The bank will burn a hole in your pocket while a three-phase transformer is an economical option.
  • The installation and connection process of the former is much convenient than the latter one.
  • The bank of three transformers will consume much electricity than the latter one while the three-phased is an electricity saver.
  • The former one can work on single winding while one defected transformer will ruin the whole setup of another two.

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