Selection Procedure Of A Control Transformer

Control TransformersA Control Transformer is specially designed to change the high-level voltage to a lower level that is used to control the electronic device of your industry. Its copper magnetic wire provides protection from the moisture and known for its high durability and efficient operations. Control Transformer Manufacturers offer a variety of design and voltage ratings and many other specifications for this product, so, one can easily get the best product, which suits their needs. Due to its large variety, it is hard to select the one, which suits your industrial needs. Here are some points that help you to select the best transformer to match your industrial applications.

  • First of all, you have to calculate the voltage leads of your control circuit, so, that you can make a wise decision while purchasing a control transformer.
  • After calculating the voltage leads you have to calculate the Peak Inrush VA of your control circuit, it is very important to know before making a decision.
  • After completing above two steps it’s time to determine the correct transformer nameplate v/s rating, which helps you to pick the one which has the capability to meet your industrial needs.

Above three points will help you to easily select the right Control Transformer for your industry. So, why are you still confused and what for? For all transformer needs you can contact Trutech Products one of the reliable Transformer Manufacturers In Mumbai. The company engaged in offering a variety of transformer including Control, Step- down, Three-phase, Rectifier, Auto and Special Purpose etc at a rock bottom price

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