Reasons To Choose Three-Phase Transformer Over Single-Phase

Do you know that why three-phase Transformer is more effective than the single phase transformer? Why it is the need of every industry? We at Trutech Products, a leading transformer manufacturers in Mumbai is right here to help you. This is because three-phase have at least three conductors which carrying alternate current and transfer it into various loads in an efficient and effective manner. On the other hand, a single phase Transformer of two coils which take some time to transfer the power to your device. If you are wondering which one is the right product for you, then don’t be because following are some points which help you to compare between the both.

Threee Phase transformer in Mumbai PuneEasy To Install: One of the major reason to choose three-phase transformers that it take less time to assemble than the single phase transformer. In simple, it is very easy to install, maintain and handle as well.

Suitable For Industry: Generally, Three-Phase Transformers have more capability to handle heavy load which is the first necessity of every industry. So no product is better than that when it comes to transferring heavy load voltage in all over the industry.

Less Costly: Another major reason to choose a three-phase transformer over single phase is that it is less costly than that. It even consumes less power and doesn’t require time to time maintenance, which saves loads of cost.

Deliver More Power: Due to the latest technology and robust structure three- phase transformer usually delivers more power than the single phase transformer.

You Can Use Three-Phase In Place Of Single-Phase: Last but not the least reason to install this product is that you can use a three-phase transformer in place of single phase transformer but you cannot vice-versa this situation.

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